Money Sense and Money Path Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for partnering with us to further our mission of delivering financial education that empowers teens to make sound financial decisions. Your knowledge and time is greatly appreciated. 

This toolkit is designed to provide the information you need to make your volunteer experience a success. Below you will find many resources to prepare you for your classroom presentations for Money Sense and Money Path. 

Money Sense Resources

Online Training 

    • Online training for Money Sense takes a little over an hour to complete and is accessible 24/7. Use it as a complete Money Sense training program or to supplement an in-person training experience.
    • We also have an updated Money Sense webinar that walks you through our recent updates to the Money Sense curriculum. Use this video as a refresher or an additional to our Money Sense training.
    • Online training is available on the SecureFutures website in the Volunteer Resource Library (in the upper right corner). In the Resource Library, above the green boxes, click the Online Training link and then click on Take This Course.
    • To login, use the preferred email address and password you designed when you completed your volunteer application.
    • In-person volunteer training events and live webinars provide an opportunity for you to directly ask questions, see demonstrations of how lessons and activities should be diallylated, and network with other volunteers.
      • You will be notified when in-person opportunities are scheduled.

• Pre-Lesson Preparation

Use these resources to prepare for your lesson. Live trainings will also be scheduled throughout the year.

Lesson Materials

Money Path Resources

• Money Path Training

    • Lesson Guide. This is a great tool to help you prep for your lesson and also use to guide your presentation in the classroom. Feel free to bring your notes along with you to the classroom to help you as you present to the students.
    • Guided Facilitation Video. This video is a great tool to use in your training on how to use the app but is also a tool we recommend you use in the classroom to present the app to students. We recommend you set up your account and follow the directions of the video to help you navigate the app.
    • We hope to have in-person trainings again in the future and will notify you when those trainings are scheduled.

• Pre-Lesson Preparation 

    • Watch this video to get an overview of the Money Path app.
    • Explore your Money Path Account. Take time to create and save sample paths to demonstrate to students during the session.
      • It’s mobile responsive, meaning it can be used with a computer, tablet, or phone, and works with web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox (avoid Internet Explorer)
      • If you don’t already have an account, email to get set up.

• Lesson Materials

    • Volunteer Guide. This is a great tool to help you prep for your lesson and also use to guide your presentation in the classroom. Feel free to bring your notes along with you to the classroom to help you as you present to the students.

Money Coach 

• How to Get Involved

    • Money Coach volunteers mentor, engage, and encourage students in small groups and one-on-one as they develop action plans to achieve actions plans to achieve needs and goals.
    • Check out our Money Coach Program Info for materials on how this programs works.
    • If you are interested in getting involved as a Money Coach, please contact our volunteer manager Maria:
    • If you are selected as a coach, in-person and virtual training is offered twice a year, usually in September and January. You will be notified when recruitment for coaches opens.

• Program Materials

Resource Library  

Our Resource Library is available 24/7 and is full of helpful videos, trainings, tips, and materials to help you become the most effective volunteer possible. 

SecureFutures General Role Info

• Program Guide

    • Our Program Guide provides a description of each of our three programs: MoneySense, Money Path, and Money Coach. The guide is primarily used for outreach to educators, but it also provides a great overview of our programming options. 

• Volunteer Manual and Decision Tool

    • The SecureFutures Volunteer Manual provides background on our organization, volunteer information, and guidelines. 
    • Our Volunteer Decision Tool is a visual guide to help you select the program that best fits your interest. This can help guide you on which of our three programs may be right for you at this time.
    • Our volunteer flier also is a great tool to give you an overview of each of our programs and how they differ.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Your Support Team: 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for partnering with SecureFutures. Your time is greatly appreciated! 

Contact with questions or (414) 310-5917 or click here to set up a phone or video meeting.