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Money Coach

Money Coach is the only financial mentoring program of its kind.

Focused especially on under-resourced communities, Money Coach empowers teens through one-on-one and small group mentorship to build strong money management habits for a long-term financial capability. This multi-week, extensive program matches teens with volunteer coaches who provide guidance, accountability, and support.

After participating in Money Coach:

97% of students have a bank account, compared to 78% before the program

68% of students regularly track their expenses, compared to 17% before the program

75% of students use a budget, compared to 16% before the program

See the power of Money Coach

Why should you bring Money Coach to your students?

  • Money Coach takes a deeper dive. Money Coach goes beyond the basics, giving teens the tools and support to start developing positive financial behaviors that will last a lifetime.
  • Money Coach builds meaningful relationships. Money Coach is about more than information; it’s about the high-impact, lasting relationships that develop between teens and their coaches.
  • Money Coach offers scholarship funding. Money Coach participants can earn college or career scholarship funds as they meet program benchmarks, giving them the opportunity to put what they’re learning into practice and begin saving for future goals.
  • Money Coach includes access to the Money Path app. Money Path, SecureFutures’ career, college, and financial planning app for teens, is a vital tool for teens as they plan their future after graduation.

Visit the links below for more detailed information about the Money Coach program:

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Become a Money Coach

What are teens saying about Money Coach?

“I like that the coaches were open about the struggles they overcame or getting over. They actually cared and wanted to help me plan my future. I’m excited to now work on these things on my own.”

“My favorite thing from Money Coach was having a relationship with a coach and really going to someone who cares to further your goals and feeling really valued. I enjoyed learning about many things but a lot one on one to get a deeper understanding.”

“If we had any concerns or questions about anything, the Money Coaches were able to give us examples to help us understand it more. I also enjoyed getting one on one times with our coaches to discuss small goals we set for ourselves. Because of that, I am still continuing to work on those goals at the moment even after the Money Coach program.”

“My favorite things about the program is how engaged the coaches were with us students. I learned a lot of important things that will help me save and make better decisions responsibly.”

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