Money Coach

Money Coach volunteers mentor, engage, and encourage students in small groups and one-on-one as they develop action plans to achieve financial needs and goals. Money Coach is a one-of-a-kind approach and has proven to be a valuable addition to high school programming. Money Coach also provides the opportunity for students to earn a scholarship (up to $350) as they meet program benchmarks. For the greatest impact, Money Coach is typically offered over the course of four months to a select number of students during either Fall or Spring semester. Currently, Money Coach is only available in the Milwaukee area. View our current volunteer opportunities here. 

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Money mentors

All students work with the same one-on-one volunteer “Coach” every other session. In addition, Coaches communicate with the student throughout the program to guide the student through goals, challenges and opportunities. Each Money Coach group features three-to-four Coaches: one who serves as a “group” Coach, and the remaining who lead the one-on-one student relationships.

Tracking expenses

Students receive a tool and are encouraged to record everything they spend their money. As a result, they gain an understanding of the value of money as well as their own habits.

Budgeting skills

All students create a budget and savings plan for the school year. Coaches check on the progress of students’ savings plan every month to help them stay on track. Students finish the program with a written budget to use going onward to college or careers.

Student goal-setting

In the very first session, students meet with their one-on-one Coach to map their plans over the next several months. Coaches guide and support students as part of our model of meeting every student where s/he are at. Goals include: landing a first job; purchasing a laptop for school; and filling out college applications.

Banking & account management

Students gain the experience of opening their own bank account. Students take ownership of locating a financial institution based on their preferences and needs. Coaches work with the students to go over spending and saving habits as shown in their accounts.