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Online Volunteer Training is separated into three lessons, each with its own video topics. It should take about an hour to finish.

        1. Before you begin: Please print out or download your Volunteer Instructor Notes. You will also want to have your Money Sense Student Workbooks available. The Notes and Workbooks will be referenced throughout the lessons. (Notes and Workbooks can be found below, in Classroom Materials or in the Resource Library. They will also be delivered along with your materials when presenting a program.).
        2. All training topics are delivered via video. Please watch the videos from all three lessons.
        3. At the end of each topic and lesson, please click the Mark Complete box, which looks like this: Mark Complete
          Clicking the “Mark Complete” box helps to move you along to the next training topic and helps our organization better understand the quality of our online training lessons.
        4.  Once you have completed online training, you can find additional tutorials and materials in the Resource Library.
        5. You can always reach out for help. Contact us at info@securefutures.org.

      Ready to get started? Click on the “Intro & Overview” lesson link below to begin your first video.

Course Materials

You can find the instructor notes and student workbooks for each Money Sense lesson below:

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