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Becoming a SecureFutures volunteer is not just about sharing financial knowledge; it’s about transforming the lives of teens through education that lasts a lifetime. As a volunteer, you are not just imparting financial wisdom; you are giving young minds the tools they need to navigate the complexities of money management.

Your impact goes beyond the classroom – it becomes a cornerstone in shaping their understanding of financial independence and responsibility. As program alum Antonio Morris said, “SecureFutures was a light when I was in the dark.” Imagine being the guiding light that empowers teens to make informed decisions about their financial futures. Make an impact, one teen at a time.

We give you all of the training and materials you need to be successful.

Money Coach

The goal of the Money Coach program is for teens to develop strong financial skills and behaviors that will prepare them for college, careers, and living independently. Students practice healthy money management skills and are provided the opportunity to earn a scholarship as they meet program benchmarks. There are two volunteer roles within this program:

Group Coach: Responsible for leading the group activities and ensuring each session is on track

One-on-One Coach: Leads small group activities and meets one-on-one with participants

Expected Commitment:

  • Total volunteer commitment is 10 hours of coaching time and 4 hours of training – over three months
  • The program runs on a 10 week long semester
  • Volunteers will meet with their students every other week for 60-90 minutes

Money Sense

Money Sense consists of a series of three, 90-minute lessons. Volunteers lead these lessons to groups of teens, normally in a classroom setting within high schools or community-based organizations. These organizations choose the timing and frequency of the lessons that meet their students’ needs.  Programs are planned throughout the year and weekend and evening programs are available, on a limited basis.

Expected Commitment:

  • Volunteers have the option to deliver the program along or with a partner
  • Once a year is required, however volunteers can choose more than 1 program throughout the calendar year – there is no cap!
  • Programs are approximately 1.5 hours, split over 1-2 visits
  • Volunteers have the flexibility to choose which sessions works best for their schedule
  • Some opportunities are available during evenings, weekends, and in the summer

Money Path

Our Money Path lesson focuses on introducing students to financial planning in a technology-driven format. The goal of Money Path is for students to develop a better understanding of the potential outcomes of the choices they are making as they prepare to graduate high school. Money Path volunteers lead students through a financial planning simulation using cutting-edge software. Students are challenged to think about their goals for the future and build a realistic plan around those goals. Money Path lessons are 90 minutes and can be delivered in one to two visits.

Expected Commitment: 

  • Program can be delivered alone or with a partner
  • Programs delivery are approximately 1.5 hours split over 2 visits
  • Most volunteer opportunities are scheduled during school hours and within the academic year
  • Some opportunities are available during evenings, weekends, and in the summer

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Please contact Stephaine Crosley for any questions on how to get started, or for further volunteer information. We have multiple volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee and Racine areas.

Stpehaine Crosley
Volunteer Recruitment Specialist

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