Our Programs

SecureFutures provides three key financial literacy programs to teens at high schools and community based organizations throughout Wisconsin and the Greater Chicago area.

Money Sense is SecureFutures’ foundational program, introducing teens to essential financial literacy concepts and practices. Money Sense is targeted towards high school juniors and seniors, at the age when students are likely to be first exposed to jobs, budgets, loans, savings and credit. Money Sense consists of three topics: Bank Your Future, Check It Out and To Your Credit. The program’s content is available in a variety of in -person and virtual formats and can be presented by business community volunteers, taught directly by the educator or accessed independently by students.

Money Path is a comprehensive and unparalleled web-based software tool, specifically for high school students, that uniquely links academic and career planning with financial planning. Available at the crucial time when teens are making decisions about adult life, Money Path sets them on a course to reach their lifelong career and financial goals.

Money Coach is a one-of-a-kind financial mentoring program, providing teens from under-resourced Milwaukee communities with the coaching and guidance needed to develop strong money management habits and long-term financial capability. We match teens with volunteer mentors from the business community who teach in-depth financial literacy curriculum in a small group setting and then provide one-on-one guidance to teens as they put the concepts into practice. This unique program provides students the opportunity to earn a college/career scholarship as they reach program benchmarks.

Programs are provided free of cost thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, who share our vision of strengthening communities through teen financial capability.

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