Our Programs

SecureFutures empowers thousands of teen at numerous schools and community groups through three financial literacy programs: Money SenseMoney Coach, and Money Path. We partner with educators to select a program that provides the best value for students.

  • Money Sense provides a solid foundation on personal finance for 11th and 12th grade students through interactive presentations on budgeting, banking and credit. We target 16-to-18-year olds because that is the age range when students will likely be first confronted with jobs, budgets, bank accounts and credit card offers. Money Sense lessons carry a decade-long track record of improving student money management behaviors. Money Sense features a core of popular lessons readily adaptable for curriculum or student needs.
  • Money Coach offers an in-depth understanding of financial concepts such as loans through a lesson plan that focuses on direct volunteer-to-student interaction. Building off the core foundations in our Money Sense program, Money Coach volunteers engage and encourage students in small groups and one-on-one as they develop action plans to achieve financial goals, which are rewarded with a scholarship upon completion. To optimize the impact, Money Coach is available to a select number of students each year.
  • Money Path allows students to explore how their decisions about college, career, budgeting, and saving will impact their long-term goals and lifelong financial success through a cutting-edge, web-based financial education application. Business community volunteers guide students through how to use the app and equip them with financial planning principles as they work toward the decisions and goals that will secure their futures.

All programs are available to public, private, charter and alternative high schools located throughout southeast Wisconsin, as well to student groups and youth-based organizations. SecureFutures, formerly Make A Difference – Wisconsin, trains dedicated volunteers from the business community to deliver financial lessons based on these proven, flexible programs.

Programs are provided free of cost thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, who share our vision of strengthening communities through enhanced financial education for all teens.

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