Money Path

Money Path is our newest innovation in equipping teens with the tools for financial freedom. Sponsored by Heartland Advisors Inc., this cutting-edge, web-based financial education application allows students to explore how their decisions about college, career, budgeting, and saving will impact their long-term goals and lifelong financial success.

Money Path allows students to compare and contrast the effects of their choices after high school through an intuitive, step-by-step simulation which includes everything from student loans to car payments to retirement savings. Students work independently on their own computers while business community volunteers guide them through how to use the app and equip them with financial planning principles as they work toward the decisions and goals that will secure their futures. View our current volunteer opportunities here.

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Quotes from students

“I didn’t even know tools like this existed. This knowledge is majorly important.”

“I went in a little intimidated, but the app really helped guide me towards what I want to do. I would definitely recommend it.”

“The app was very helpful in putting everything together. It gives you a platform to investigate your future.”

Quotes from educators

“This program meets the need to lessen the anxiety of making the right decisions within life’s many options by letting students try out some possible outcomes.”

“It looks fantastic! Our students are so lucky to have you on their side.”