A new day for financial literacy in Wisconsin

FacebookLinkedInTwitterby Brenda Campbell, President and CEO, SecureFutures

It’s a new day for financial literacy in Wisconsin.

Yesterday, a mandate to teach financial literacy at public schools across the state was signed into law. Specifics on what that mandate means – for educators, curriculum, school boards and, most of all, students – will come into view in the weeks and months ahead. For those of us who have already been working on improving financial futures for teens, we know this work cannot wait. I’ve been eager for something like this since our organization started in 2006, but I know the challenges and understand the opportunities ahead.

We stand ready to support Wisconsin’s schools through delivery of our highly organized, engaging and high impact financial education lessons. That includes help to find other resources that match your needs, demographics, geography or existing curriculum. Our goal is to make sure every single teen receives financial skills and guidance before graduation. It’s a singular focus that drives our volunteers, outcomes and school partnerships.

For starters, you can check out our mandate explainer page for education partners. It’s a place where we will share resources – from us and other proven organizations – and begin conversations as this mandate becomes clearer.

Just as we’ve worked with many of your school districts and educators on financial education, we’ve been partners with the State of Wisconsin on its efforts to improve financial literacy. With the right resources and partnerships, this mandate can be a big step toward a movement to make Wisconsin the state with the most financially savvy students in the country.

Brenda (brenda@securefutures.org)

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