What do we value?

For the last several months, as part of the implementation of our strategic plan, the SecureFutures team has spent time asking some important questions: why do we do the work we do? How does it fit with each of our values as individuals, and as a team? What are the values that drive us as an organization? How can we use those values to show up intentionally in our community as we continue to expand and grow our programs?

Through this collaborative process, we’ve identified five values that will define our work going forwards: empowerment, equity, community, service, and integrity. We are sharing them here, and we invite all of our stakeholders and partners to join the conversation by telling us how we can do better at exemplifying and living into these values in every part of our work.

EmpowermentWe believe young people have the power to take ownership of their financial futures. We strive to inspire them to learn and develop new skills that support their goals.

EquityWe strive to advance equitable and inclusive access to financial systems, resources, and opportunities while working to address systemic barriers.

CommunityWe believe in the power of bringing people together. Financially capable individuals and engaged citizens lead to stronger communities.

ServiceWe lead through service and gratitude. We prioritize the needs of our students and stakeholders and respond accordingly.

IntegrityWe believe in doing the right thing. We practice honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability every day.

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