Students Speak: 2019-2020 School Year


Here’s what the students who participated in our 2019-2020 programs had to say.


I liked the feeling of being responsible and becoming independent by creating a budget and managing my expenses.
– Lizeth, student at Carmen HS

I really liked the real life simulations and how we had people who actually came in and talked about their personal experiences.
– Raquel, student at Reagan HS

My favorite things about the program is how engaged the coaches were with us students. I learned a lot of important things that will help me save and make better decisions responsibly.
– Janae, student at Rufus King HS

The most helpful part of this course was the Money Path app because I can choose the careers and colleges I’m interested in and find out an estimate of how much I have to pay and save as well as borrow. It gave me an insight as to what I need to do to prepare financially.
– Anonymous, student at Carmen HS

I liked that we could ask questions with no judgement. I also like how honest and in depth our meetings were.
– Thornton, student at Rufus King HS

I got to meet amazing coaches that are willing to do anything to help me understand. They gave me their contact information so that if I need something I can just email or text them. Also, every coach seems to love and respect what they do, making it more fun and exciting to learn. Moreover, all the coaches are very knowledgeable and I have so much to learn from them.
– Mekdes, student at Reagan HS

The coaches taught me very valuable life lessons that I needed to know for the real world.
– Valerie, student at Hmong American Peace Academy

My favorite thing from Money Coach was having a coach/mentor. Having a relationship and really going to someone who cares to further your goals and feeling really valued. I enjoyed learning about many things but a lot one on one to get a deeper understanding.
– Legacy, student at Golda Meier HS

Sometimes it can be hard to envision what life might actually be like. With Money Path, I’m seeing everything come together. It very clearly showed the future projections in a simple, easy to understand manner.
– Anonymous, student at Pewaukee HS

I really just liked how we had a class that taught us about real life situations and how to manage money and such. Especially about credit cards, buying a house, buying a car, etc. Our school does not offer any classes that teach this kind of stuff so I was so glad to learn something that would actually benefit me in the future.
– Nouce, student at Hmong American Peace Academy


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