Students Speak: 2018-2019 School Year


Here’s what the students who participated in our 2018-2019 programs had to say.


Eric It taught me about the things I wouldn’t learn in school and it helped me out a lot.

Miguel My favorite thing about Money Coach was learning useful things that could help me reach my financial goals and be able to provide my future family with things I don’t have.

Aaron Money Path was eye-opening. It showed me what my potential path could be for the future.

Melina I liked learning how to manage money and how we talked about things that we don’t usually hear about like taxes and interest rates.

Myitkyam My favorite thing about Money Coach was that we get to speak one on one with an adult about our budgeting plan. They helped us fix little mistakes in between and gave us advice on how to manage budgeting.

Kong My favorite thing about the program was using the Money Path app to get an idea of the different possible paths I can choose after high school (such as going to college or joining the workforce). It’s nice getting an idea of how much I would need for a college and how much I would make afterward with what major.

Kia I was given this opportunity in my last year of high school when I needed it the most.

Christopher My favorite things about the Money Coach program was that the coaches are so helpful and also it was so beneficial for my personal life and also my future.

Kristina Money Path helped me find a plan for the future because I had all the numbers laid out right in front of me.

Kalue The use of personal examples enable us to better understand the concepts that were being presented, from credit scores to loans.

Jazmin I NEVER found it boring.

Shay Money Coach helped me to keep a budget and I also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card.

Nicklaus Money Path was very specific, and it gives a lot of details. I did feel motivated to start looking into my future now, how I’m going to budget, how I’m going to save for different things, what I might have to cut back on.

Nayeli If we had any concerns or questions about anything, the Money Coaches were able to give us examples to help us understand it more. I also enjoyed getting one on one times with our coaches to discuss small goals we set for ourselves. Because of that, I am still continuing to work on those goals at the moment even after the Money Coach program.

Josue I got to learn better ways on how to stay on budget, and developed better saving habits as well as tracking my expenses.

Dillon Money Path tells you everything you need to know. It gave me a broad understanding of what I have to go through after high school and what life is really going to be about.

Alana I like that the coaches were open about the struggles they overcame or getting over. They actually cared and wanted to help me plan my future. I’m excited to now work on these things on my own.

Jordan I liked having a conversation about things I might not necessarily know about money or that my parents might not know.

Damond It opened my eyes on how life and money works.

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