SecureFutures talks trailblazing at the BMO International Women’s Day event


The SecureFutures team was honored to be invited to speak at the BMO Harris Bank event for International Women’s Day on March 7th. CEO Brenda Campbell, Business Director Pat Rorabeck, and Money Coach alumna Taleavia Cole were asked to share inspiring stories of “Trailblazing Women and Men: Past, Present, and Future.”

Brenda began by thanking BMO Harris for their longstanding and meaningful partnership with SecureFutures, including serving as premiere sponsor for the annual investment conference for the past ten years, joining with the Milwaukee Bucks to fund a significant expansion in SecureFutures programming, and encouraging 65 BMO staff to serve SecureFutures as volunteers. She emphasized the many goals that SecureFutures and BMO Harris share, including a focus on diversity and inclusion and a commitment to strengthening communities through financial education.

Pat shared his story of making the choice to leave his job in the banking world to serve at SecureFutures, initially as a full-time volunteer. He referenced the many leaders, particularly women, who inspired him in his journey, including SecureFutures colleagues Brenda and Stephaine.

“Most trailblazers are not famous,” Pat said in his remarks. “You likely know some. They create an idea and lead and live by example every day.”

Pat encouraged those present to learn from trailblazers to look for a deeper meaning in what they do and the impact they create. He quoted author Bob Buford, encouraging listeners: “Work only on things that will make a great deal of difference if you succeed.”

SecureFutures, Pat said, is an example of what this looks like. “We think different and think big,” he said. “I believe in giving all of yourself to the mission. We have additional new ideas we are working on and we won’t stop until the financial literacy gap doesn’t exist.”

Taleavia concluded the event by telling her story of financial mistakes, learning, and growth, and ended by presenting a spoken word poem about her relationship with money.

“My advice to you is to make money yours,” she said. “Money Coach helped me succeed, and I am more than sure that I will be successful in the future after all that I have learned from them.”






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