Money Coach Volunteer Profile & Pledge

Money Coach Volunteer Profile & Pledge The following documents contain job descriptions and expectations for volunteers in the Money Coach Program. Money Coach Volunteer Profile - One-on-One Coach (pdf) Money Coach Volunteer Profile - Group [...]

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SecureFutures Volunteer Decision Tool

SecureFutures Volunteer Decision Tool Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization. If you're not sure how you would like to volunteer, use this decision tool to help you navigate the programs.   Volunteer Reference [...]

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SecureFutures Volunteer Manual

SecureFutures Volunteer Manual SecureFutures is dedicated to equipping our volunteers with the necessary tools to deliver much needed financial education to our communities' teens. Please review the following manual before you meet your students, and [...]

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Money Coach Outreach Flyers

Money Coach Outreach Flyers Use the flyers below to spread the word about Money Coach among your network. Session Structure Overview - Coach and Partner (pdf) Money Coach Volunteer Recruitment (pdf)   Volunteer Reference

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Money Sense Outreach Flyers

Money Sense Outreach Flyers Use the flyers below to spread the word about Money Sense among your network. Educator Info Sheet Lesson Goals and Objectives   Volunteer Reference

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