Rebecca Neumann elected Board of Directors chairperson


SecureFutures is thrilled to announce the election of Rebecca Neumann as the new chairperson of our Board of Directors.

Rebecca currently serves as a Professor of Economics at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with research and teaching interests in the areas of International Finance, Macroeconomics, and Personal Finance. 

Her involvement with SecureFutures began in 2010, when she joined our Education Committee, bringing her exceptional knowledge, insight, and academic expertise to the development of our programs. She has been instrumental in the evolution of our curriculum and the pre- and post-testing that allows us to measure our outcomes and track our impact on students. 

In 2011, Rebecca also began volunteering in the classroom to administer our programs, including Money Sense, teaching financial fundamentals, and Money Coach, serving as a mentor to teens seeking to develop good financial habits for a secure future. Since then she has given over 70 hours of her time as a volunteer, changing the lives of more than 350 students.

Rebecca’s involvement continued when she joined our Board of Directors in 2015. She served as Secretary from 2018-2019, as Vice-Chair from 2018-2019. She is always looking for opportunities to connect new people to the work of SecureFutures, building our base of volunteers and supporters. She is also one of the driving forces behind Money Path, and piloted this program in her ECON 110 class at UW-Milwaukee with 160 students.

Over the course of her tenure and under her leadership, SecureFutures has served thousands of teens and shown unparalleled outcomes in changing student financial behaviors for the better.

In addition to her work with SecureFutures, Rebecca brings her dedication to financial literacy into her work at UW-Milwaukee. She developed a new undergraduate course, the Economics of Personal Finance, providing college students with the tools to effectively establish good financial habits.

In 2016, Rebecca was awarded the Governor’s Financial Literacy Legacy Award for her work.

SecureFutures President and CEO Brenda Campbell has this to say about Rebecca:

“Rebecca’s impact on the vital work of empowering teens with financial capability cannot be overstated. Over the past nine years, I’ve relied on Rebecca’s knowledge and vision to drive us towards continuous improvement of our existing programs and the development of new and creative ways to reach and impact teens. I’m eagerly looking forward to her term as Board chair as we look towards the organization’s exciting future.”

Welcome, Rebecca!


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