As teens in our Money Coach program found out last month, they have a big-shot teammate in financial literacy with Milwaukee Bucks guard Jerryd Bayless. Now it’s our turn to support “money smart all-star” Bayless on the court.

Our teens and Money Coach volunteers will be grateful guests of Bayless’s for Saturday’s Bucks game. Don’t be surprised to hear a few chants for Bayless from our rowdy section (and feel free to ask some of the students for financial pointers).

Ahead of the game, here are a few quotes students shared with us during our January “Saving Bucks with the Bucks” financial literacy and mentoring event with Bayless at Messmer High School.

“Teaching kids about financial literacy and doing the right things, setting teens up for their future, it’s really important. Make A Difference is an amazing organization that’s going to continue to help people for a long time to come.”
-Jerryd Bayless, Milwaukee Bucks guard and financial literacy advocate

“I’m currently saving more for my goal and disciplining myself between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Also, I’ve been focusing a lot more on the importance of saving.”
-Nia, Money Coach student at Urban Underground

“I am making better choices with what I spend my money on. I became more serious about college and opening my business.”
-Stephania, Money Coach student at Urban Underground

“I am now putting money away and saving it for college.”
-Catey, Money Coach student at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, Northwest Campus

“Money Coach has improved my life. This semester, so far, it gave me the knowledge to think twice with my money. I can step back and see how much I could have saved over the last few years.”
-Alexis, Money Coach student at PEARLs for Teen Girls

“Joining Money Coach has helped me to gain knowledge about financial literacy, and to learn how to prioritize with my wants and my needs. To hear a successful guy like Jerryd Bayless talk about how saving money changed him and how he started he was younger – and he’s still doing it. It makes me proud of myself because I’m starting young and when I get older I’m going to still save money.”
-Taleavia, Money Coach student at PEARLS for Teen Girls

“I didn’t get many scholarships coming into college, so a lot of my expenses come out-of-pocket. With Money Coach, I learned how to track my expenses and buy more sustainably. It helped me get through the entire semester. Without Money Coach I definitely would be in a worse place financially.”
-Darrin, Money Coach graduate and freshman at Howard University

“I am saving more money and spending less thanks to Money Coach. I also make a budget for every paycheck.”
-Lorena, Money Coach student at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, Southeast Campus

“Because of Money Coach, I think if

[something] is a need or a want before I purchase. My savings has increased a lot!!”
-Anaeli, Money Coach student at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, Southeast Campus

Money Coach groups who attended the January event included: Messmer High School; Milwaukee Washington High School; Ronald Reagan High School; Carmen North High School; Carmen South High School; James Madison Academic Campus; PEARLS for Teen Girls; Urban Underground; Teens Grow Greens.

To find out more about the Money Coach program, click here.

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