Money talks: Students share the power of financial mentoring

FacebookLinkedInTwitterWe recently celebrated our fourth successful year of Money Coach, the one-of-a-kind financial mentoring program as schools and community sites in Milwaukee and Waukesha. At a Money Coach “graduation” event in May held at Messmer High School, dozens of students took the stage to share the range of impact that financial empowerment has had on their lives.

Sometimes funny, a few times with tears in their eyes, teens described the importance of developing personal finance talents with guidance from compassionate volunteer “Coaches” in the community. Here are student quotes and photos from the evening:

Jeovanny, of Carmen H.S. of Science and Technology – South:

“Because of your help, I was able to save for college. Now I have hope in going to college. And I can go to college knowing I have some money saved. Thank you.”

Berenice, of Messmer High School:

“I’d like to thank my Coach Theresa

[Boyd] for her time and commitment. More than a Money Coach, she became a life mentor. The support I didn’t find at home, I found with her and with [Messmer educator] Mrs. Nienhaus. … It’s truly an honor to have people believe in you and support you.”

Sasha, senior at James Madison Academic Campus, pictured at right:

“I’d like to thank all the Money Coaches: Megan [Merrick], Gloria [Santilli] and especially Que [El Amin]. Before this program, I was a saver, but the money I saved was the money I spent. They taught me how to make a budget so that I’d have money to save and money to spend. … And I also want to thank Stephaine [Crosley, Money Coach program director], who helped me manage my money. We had some really deep conversations.”

Antonio, of New Horizons Charter School:

“Through the Money Coach program, I was educated on financial literacy and how to manage my money. I feel so appreciative for that because that allows me the opportunity to speak to other people – my peers, who look like me – about financial education.”

Syniece, a student at MPS’ Bradley Tech, first shared gratitude for her Coaches Shaquailan Brown and Elaine Garrett. Then, she said:

“I’d like to thank them for teaching me the difference between credit and debit, teaching me to save my money, and just motivating me to do what I want to do for my future.”

Nina, of Hmong American Peace Academy, pictured at left hugging one of her Money Coaches, Joyce Stoner:

“My personal Coach Joe [Vehec] … texted me about how much money I was saving. I remember thinking, ‘Whoa, this is real! They are going come after you.’ … I told Joe about my fear of spending too much money. Joe told me not to worry and helped me find ways to decrease my spending every month. … Without Money Coach, I wouldn’t even have a budget or save money at all.”

(Pictured below: Kenique, a student at Washington H.S. of I.T., participates in an activity with Dawn Williams, an educator at Waukesha East Alternative H.S.)

Rosa, of Messmer High School:

“Most of all, [Money Coach] has taught me about professionalism and organization, which are major skills in keeping a job. … I want to thank all of our Coaches, for coming in the morning, for taking time out of their day, to budget us about the basics of budgets and saving money. I can certainly say that I have expanded my knowledge from this program and that it will influence my future.”

Setirah, who participated through PEARLS for Teen Girls:

“Thank you for helping me know the value of money so that I won’t have to struggle during my adulthood and college years.”

Visit here to find out how Money Coach works with schools, volunteers and supporters.

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