Money Sense: Bank Your Future

Engaging Students Effectively

Volunteer Guidance: Engaging Students Effectively Use the suggestions in the file below to help you increase student engagement.   Volunteer Support     Need help? Please contact Kathy at or call 414-273-8101.

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Parent/Guardian Letters

Parent/Guardian Letters Before programming begins, send these letters to your students' parents or guardians to inform them of the upcoming activities and encourage them to discuss the information with their students. Money Sense Parent Informational [...]

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Educator Expectations

Educator Expectations Review the documents below to familiarize yourself with our partnership expectations. Money Sense Expectations for Educators (Schools) Expectations for Program Contacts (Community-based Organizations) Money Path Expectations for Educators (Schools) Expectations for Program Contacts [...]

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Money Sense Outreach Flyers

Money Sense Outreach Flyers Use the flyers below to spread the word about Money Sense among your network. Educator Info Sheet Program for Educators Lesson Goals and Objectives   Educator Materials

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Lesson Preparation Guide

Lesson Preparation Guide Use the guide below to help you prepare your students for SecureFutures programming. These best practices will prime your students and ensure they get as much out of the programming as possible. [...]

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Money Sense Surveys and Evaluation

Money Sense Surveys and Evaluation Bank Your Future Pre-survey Post-survey Check It Out Pre-survey Post-survey To Your Credit Pre-survey Post-survey Money Sense Course Evaluation   Classroom Materials

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Bank Your Future Materials

Bank Your Future Materials Prezi Presentation Downloadable Versions for Offline Use: Windows Mac Instructor Notes Student Workbook   Classroom Materials

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