Growing up, Kenyatta remembers the anxiety of holding up the line at the grocery store with her mother and sisters after their debit card was declined, trying to decide which items to put back.

Money, to Kenyatta, “was something that was unknown.” She saw the power money had over the lives of people she cared about, but it seemed out of her control.

SecureFutures’ Money Coach program was “an eye-opener.” Money wasn’t overwhelming anymore. It was something she could manage and use to reach her goals. With her coach, Rebecca, Kenyatta learned to stick to a budget, be intentional with her spending, and start saving.

Now Kenyatta is empowering the rest of her family with financial tools she gained from SecureFutures. She helps her mom manage their household expenses using her budgeting workbooks. She also convinced her 19-year-old sister to stop using check cashing stores and went with her to open her first bank account.

“I never thought in a million years that I’d teach my mom and my sisters. Without Money Coach, I would never have been able to teach the people I love about how to be financially stable.”

There are so many teens like Kenyatta waiting for life-altering financial education.

Your support will equip 10,000 more teens with financial knowledge and skills in 2019/2020.

Don’t let a single teen miss out on the opportunity to own their future through financial capability. Give today.

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