Gaining Independence Through Money Coach

Amanda's Money Coach Story

Amanda Jenkins was always interested in learning more about money, so when she heard about the Money Coach program, she knew it was something she wanted to do. She was involved in Pearls for Teen Girls, and during a group meeting, SecureFutures’ Money Coach Program Manager Stephaine Crosley shared her personal money story. Stephaine’s story really resonated with Amanda, especially when she talked about misusing credit cards and how she earned a scholarship to go to college.

Feeling inspired and motivated, Amanda signed up for Money Coach and quickly discovered it was exactly what she needed. She learned about setting up her first bank account, paying herself first through a savings account, and how to budget and live within her means, something she had never really understood before.

As a result, Amanda’s relationship with money changed. She felt more confident and empowered and was proud of herself for saving $1000 as a high school student. After graduating, she continued to use the skills learned in the program and was able to reach her goal to save $6000 to get an apartment and live independently.

“I truly believe I’m breaking the generational cycle. I’m the first in my family to be able to move out and have my own apartment at the age of 22 and the first to be able to save thousands of dollars. I’m the perfect example for my family because I only want to be able to rely on myself.”

Amanda had a great relationship with her money coach and particularly liked how her coach held her accountable. “My coach was amazing, she always checked in on me to make sure I was budgeting and saving, and it made me want to control my finances even more. There’s something nice about a pat on the back, learning from your mistakes, and acknowledging that you can do better.”

Amanda points to her success story as evidence of the powerful impact of the program. “I am walking proof that this program works. If I didn’t have Money Coach I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have guidelines or a foundation to build on and I certainly wouldn’t have good credit or savings.”

The Money Coach mentorship program could not happen without the dedicated volunteers who share time and talent to equip students with the tools needed to become financially capable. Amanda agrees, “You have a whole team of people who genuinely care about you and who are there to support you, and they don’t even know you! Money Coach showed me what my life could look like, and I think it should be offered in every school.”

To learn more about Money Coach and how you can help students like Amanda learn the money management skills needed to lead financially sound lives and reach their goals, visit the SecureFutures website.

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