Volunteer FAQs


What is required for me to volunteer? 

Who are the students?

Where and when do I volunteer?

Why should I volunteer?

What are the differences between Money Sense, Money Path, and Money Coach volunteers?

I’m unable to volunteer at the moment. Is there any other way I can get involved? 


What do I teach?

How do I know what to teach in class?


What are the schedules for volunteering?

How do I get scheduled to volunteer?


How much time does a volunteer dedicate?

What do I have to prepare before my lesson?


What is training and how long does it take?

Are program materials provided?

What kind of support is available?

What are the logistics for each session?

Wait: I thought you were called Make A Difference?

Ready to get involved
as a volunteer?

For more info,
email Volunteer Manager, Maria Fuller
at maria@securefutures.org
or call (414) 310-5917.

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