Educator Appreciation Month: a reflection on your impact on teen financial education

FacebookLinkedInTwitterAs a former educator, I get it. You work hard to give your students the best.

Your work day often doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock. You go above and beyond your “job description” to modify materials for your students, call parents to offer additional support, attend basketball games on the weekends, and welcome programs like Money Coach and Money Sense into your classrooms to ensure your students get unique educational opportunities.

To recognize your hard work, we’re pleased to announce our first-ever “Educator Appreciation Month“! All February, we will be highlighting various educators we have worked with over the years and extending our most sincere thanks and gratitude to you for all that you do! Oh, and there will be giveaways galore (including Amazon gift cards – email me at the address below for details).

As I look back over my first six months of my time here at SecureFutures, there are so many good things I can reflect on. I have met so many amazing educators and youth workers who work hard every day to ensure that their students have great opportunities.

The first program I scheduled was with Justin Bardowski from GPS Education Centers. Justin was great. He was pleasant and easy to work with! I remember feeling so accomplished and excited. Every day since then, I’ve hoped for that feeling to never disappear and so far, it hasn’t. I love supporting our educators and learning about their students. I love when I can go into a classroom and see the true impact of our programming on young people.

Since that email with Justin, I have scheduled programming with over 100 educators (including with Cora Byrne at Dominican H.S., seen above in action with volunteer Sandy Dunst). These educators have trusted our programming to empower over 3,000 teens to be money smart. That’s something to celebrate and the best part about it is that we are just getting started. With educators like you on my side, we are going to provide financial literacy programming to more than 8,000 teens this school year!

Let’s get to work,
Rashidah Butler-Jackson

P.S. If you’re looking to make your students a part of that 8,000 especially with the new mandate in place, contact me today: or (414) 273-8101

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