David Herro Receives First Annual Champion Award

Lloyd Levin presents David Herro with the Teen Financial Capability Champion Award.

Among the many highlights of the annual Investment Conference was the presentation of our first annual Teen Financial Capability Champion award. The award was created to recognize those champions who have made an ongoing commitment to support SecureFutures and the programs that provide teens with the skills that enable them to become financially capable adults.

It was our extraordinary honor to present the first annual Teen Financial Capability Champion award to David Herro of Harris Associates.

“Champions are those who have connected themselves to SecureFutures by both their acts and their significant financial support,” said SecureFutures founder, Lloyd Levin, in presenting the award.

David is indeed one such champion. He first learned about SecureFutures and our mission when he took the podium as the keynote speaker for our 10th Investment Conference in 2018. Since then, David’s been a consistent and generous supporter. He also lent his expertise and time as a keynote speaker for the 2022 conference.

“We’re extremely pleased to recognize David…and additional future champions…who, by their exceptional support, help teens transform their lives, and in turn, our communities,” added Brenda Campbell, SecureFutures CEO.

Awardees will also be recognized on a special permanent plaque hung in the SecureFuture offices.

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