Bucks volunteers for the win


The Milwaukee Bucks are champions, not just on the court, but in the community. Their partnership with SecureFutures and BMO Harris Bank in support of teen financial literacy continues to make a profound impact.

This past semester, seven Bucks staff members served as SecureFutures volunteers in the classroom, guiding teens through our Money Sense program at James Madison Academic Campus. The Bucks volunteers teamed up to bring the program to two classrooms and 75 teens.

Vickie Nikoley, a Payroll Manager for the Bucks, was volunteering in the classroom for the first time this semester. We asked her a few questions about her experience.

Vickie Nikoley and Tyler Wenzel teach Money Sense at James Madison Academic Campus

Why do you believe it is important for teens to be empowered with financial education?

I believe that if teens begin to be exposed to financial education they will be better prepared to face the responsibilities of managing their work lives and the adult responsibilities waiting for them after graduation.

As a Bucks staff member, why do you think it is important for the Bucks to be involved in community partnerships like this one?

It’s important for the Bucks to be involved in community partnerships like SecureFutures because the community supports our organization and we want to give back and support them.

What do you think the Bucks and SecureFutures can offer each other as partners?

The Bucks and SecureFutures can support each other through programs like Money Sense to reach teens in our community and give them a head start towards financial independence.

What have you learned during your time with the Bucks that you’d like to pass along to the teens you’re educating through Money Sense?

Hard work and perseverance pays off.  Employers notice employees who give 100%, support their organization, and contribute as part of the team.

What is meaningful to you about working as a volunteer through SecureFutures?

During this experience it was meaningful to reach the students, even if it was just one or two, who were engaged in our classes, asked good questions, and were genuinely interested in learning ways to start handling their money and making it work for them.

Thanks, Vickie, and thanks to the entire Bucks organization: you are changing teen lives!

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