Black Lives Matter

At SecureFutures, we are committed to the cause of racial justice and equity, and state unequivocally that Black Lives Matter.

We offer our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of George Floyd, Joel Acevedo, and too many others, and join in the call for justice. We also recognize that these deaths are not isolated events, but instead the manifestations of historic, institutionalized systemic racism and oppression that continues to harm the Black community and other communities of color. We stand in solidarity with those working to end those systems.

Our specific mission of teen financial education is one aspect of that work. Through financial knowledge, mentorship, and empowerment, we want to break down the systemic barriers that keep Black teens and other teens of color from thriving. We also acknowledge how far we still have to go, and challenge ourselves to listen, learn, and deepen our understanding of how we can best serve the ongoing work of racial equity in our Milwaukee community and beyond.

Without justice, true peace is not possible, and each of us has a responsibility to be an agent of change. We are united in the ongoing effort to fight systemic racism and oppression in our country, our city, our workplace, our homes, and our own hearts.

-The SecureFutures Team

SecureFutures is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter organization.

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