Angie Roe: from classroom volunteer to financial literacy advocate


When Angie Roe started as a SecureFutures volunteer in 2005, she didn’t know it would change the direction of her life. Now a full-time financial literacy educator and advocate, Angie shared her SecureFutures story and her passion for helping teens achieve financial capability.

How did you first become involved with SecureFutures, and what drew you to the organization’s mission? Years ago, when I was a personal banker at Associated Bank, SecureFutures was looking for volunteers to help teach a financial literacy course to high school students. Working in banking, I had come to realize that most adults have never really learned how to effectively manage their money. Thus, the importance of becoming financially literate at a young age. I share SecureFutures’ philosophy of educating students to make informed financial decisions in order to take control of their financial future. There is a real need to mandate this type of education early on so these young adults are better equipped to make solid financial decisions and stay out of debt.

What led to your decision to make a career change to focus on financial literacy education? I had always wanted to be a teacher, but never got the opportunity to do so. After being a stay-at-home mom for 26 years, I fell into banking. I loved working with numbers and helping people manage their accounts. I became more of an educator of finance than a banker. When the opportunity to volunteer for SecureFutures presented itself, my manager thought I would be the perfect person to teach it! I must admit, from the first moment I stepped foot in that classroom, I was hooked! I loved it! From then on, I decided that I was going to teach financial literacy in an effort to help change lives in a positive way.

What has your career path been since making that change? I am happy to report that since then, I’ve successfully completed college and obtained 3 degrees in business. I now teach Economics, Business and Financial Literacy to high school students here in Arizona, where I have resided since 2009. I currently hold the title of Ambassador of Economics for the state of Arizona through the University of Arizona’s Department of Economics. I love what I do, and am grateful and honored to be able to positively impact the lives of so many students.

What would you tell potential volunteers and supporters of SecureFutures? Without a doubt, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to volunteer to help teach financial literacy! It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that you’re able to touch the lives of so many students.

What would you say to potential educator partners? Our future generations are depending on you for this transfer of knowledge, and each of you has so much to offer!

Why do you think financial education for teens is important? Teaching teens about money has a great impact on their lives. Likewise, helping them develop basic financial skills will definitely help them construct a solid foundation when it comes to building and understanding the future of their financial health and well-being.

What sets SecureFutures apart as a source for this education? Through our research, we have analyzed hundreds of financial literacy programs. It was obvious to see the impact of the behavioral changes of SecureFutures students and how successfully they grew throughout the program. Certainly, I am a BIG fan of the program, and relish the thought of one day working again with SecureFutures, helping to empower teens to create a financially secure future.

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