Our volunteers impact teens’ lives

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our programs and directly impact the lives of teens. This year, hundreds of business community volunteers will share their expertise and make positive connections with students in classrooms across Wisconsin and Chicago. A big part of our success comes from providing volunteers with an easy, flexible platform to make a difference in the lives of teens. View our current volunteer opportunities here.

“It has been very encouraging for me to be engaged with the students to see with my own eyes what really goes on beyond the headlines. These young adults have a ton of potential.”
-Tom Parks, accountant and Money Sense volunteer

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Why do teens need your insight on managing money?

  • Business leaders and professionals have invaluable real-world money experiences. Students crave this insight as they prepare to make their own mark on the world, including big decisions with money.
  • Financial literacy ranks low among high school students, around 60% in recent studies. In the very near future, each of these young people will need to make important financial decisions with potential life-long consequences.
  • High schools have varied resources and demands to bring financial education to students. Each year, thousands of teens graduate without knowing how to manage money.
  • A poor background in money management follows teens into adulthood: “Their lack of clear understanding regarding basic financial concepts is therefore likely to undermine efforts to establish themselves as well-functioning adults.” (Research: Lusardi, Mitchell, and Curto, 2010)
  • Financially savvy young adults are: more likely to plan, save and invest; less likely to have unwieldy credit card debt; far less likely to use high-cost borrowing methods like payday loans. (Research: Bassa Scheresberg and Lusardi, 2014)

Other questions? Check out the FAQ section or review our Volunteer Manual and Volunteer Role Decision Tool.