Money Coach – Activities & Resources

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Session 1 

Banking 101 Prezi

Session 2

Expense Tracker Spreadsheet - Full Year
Budget Spreadsheet - Full Year
Dollarbird App

Session 3 

Money Path App
Money Path Facilitator Guide
Version 2 Update Summary
Money Path Student Workbook
Money Path User Guide

Session 4

Practice Job Application
10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers
4 Things Your Need to Do After the Interview


How to Dress for an Interview by Industry
Levels of Professional Attire

Extra Resources

What Your First Job Can Teach You About Life
How to Find a Job with No Experience
15 Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Session 5

Banking Simulations

Session 6 

To Your Credit Prezi
To Your Credit Instructor Notes
Loan Officer Role Play Activity - scripts - need 4 copies


Session 7

Vehicle Acquisition Lesson
Vehicle Acquisition Abbrv. Discussion
Tax Simulation Lesson - Coaches
Tax Simulation Lesson - Students
W4 Form Simulation
14 Financial Fitness E-Lessons

Session 8 

College Student Budget
Full-time Work Budget
High School Student Budget