Money Coach – Activities & Resources

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Session 1 

Banking 101 Prezi

Session 2

Expense Tracker Spreadsheet
Budget Spreadsheet
Dollarbird App

Session 3 

Money Path App
Money Path Instructor Notes
Money Path Student Workbook

Session 4

Practice Job Application
10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers
4 Things Your Need to Do After the Interview


How to Dress for an Interview by Industry
5 Levels of Professional Attire

Extra Resources

What Your First Job Can Teach You About Life
How to Find a Job with No Experience
15 Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Session 5

Banking Simulations

Session 6 

To Your Credit Prezi
To Your Credit Instructor Notes
Loan Officer Role Play Activity - scripts - need 4 copies


Session 7

Vehicle Acquisition Lesson
Vehicle Acquisition Abbrv. Discussion
Tax Simulation Lesson - Coaches
Tax Simulation Lesson - Students
W4 Form Simulation
14 Financial Fitness E-Lessons

Session 8 

College Student Budget
Full-time Work Budget
High School Student Budget