Teens need volunteers & educators like you

To make sure more teens than ever feel confident and capable with money, we have an ambitious plan for 2019-2020.
You can be part of the movement of volunteers, educators and advocates to empower 10,000 teens this year.
Here are our goals, where we stand as of June 2020, and how you can help:

Goal: 350 volunteers


Goal: 120 education partners


Goal: 10,000 students


Here’s how you can help:

For more on volunteer & school opportunities, contact:
Kristen Ruhl, Program Director kristen@securefutures.org
(414) 310-5916

What does a “secure future” mean to teens?
Our Money Coach alum Ryan shares.

Why bring financial education to high school students?

Number of teens who receive personal finance lessons before graduation.
(Source: NextGen Personal Finance 2017 survey)
U.S. teens who called “financial education” the most important subject to learn before graduation.
(Source: SecureFutures survey, 500 U.S. teens)

Why does this matter for our community?

“These programs have had a huge impact throughout the state of Wisconsin. The fact that it’s reached tens of thousands teens statewide is extremely impressive.”

– Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Mayor

“When our students get their first job and step into the working world, a key to their success will be how they manage their money. SecureFutures is empowering students by helping them understand and control their finances so they can be better prepared for college, career, and life. By planning wisely, our students will know how to transform their earnings into a pathway to their dreams.”

– Dr. Keith Posley, Superintendent, MPS