Money Sense: To Your Credit

SecureFutures Program Guide

SecureFutures Program Guide The guide below provides a comprehensive overview of all the SecureFutures programs, include virtual formats.   Educator Materials -or- Volunteer Reference     Need help? Please contact Patrick at or [...]

SecureFutures Program Guide2022-07-15T14:40:42-05:00

SecureFutures Volunteer Outreach Flyer (All Programs)

SecureFutures Volunteer Outreach Flyer (All Programs) The one-page flyer below offers a brief description each of the three SecureFuture Volunteer roles and details how they are different from each other.   Volunteer Reference   [...]

SecureFutures Volunteer Outreach Flyer (All Programs)2021-10-15T17:09:15-05:00

Money Sense Volunteer Outreach Flyer & Profile

Money Sense Volunteer Outreach Flyer & Profile The following documents contain the job description and expectations for volunteers in the Money Sense Program. Money Sense Volunteer Outreach Flyer (19-20) (pdf) Money Sense Volunteer Profile (21-22) [...]

Money Sense Volunteer Outreach Flyer & Profile2022-05-31T11:49:06-05:00

Money Sense Educator Toolkit

Money Sense Educator Toolkit This toolkit contains details and materials needed to incorporate Money Sense lessons, as well as Money Sense On Demand, into your classroom. Scheduling instructions are provided, along with details of asynchronous [...]

Money Sense Educator Toolkit2021-09-23T14:38:18-05:00

Virtually Led Presentation Suggestions

Virtually Led Presentation Suggestions When presenting, use the following as a resource for presentation needs and student engagement. Virtually Led Presentation Suggestions   Educator Materials -or- Volunteer Support     Need help? Please [...]

Virtually Led Presentation Suggestions2022-07-15T14:42:04-05:00

Bango Classroom Video

Bango Classroom Video Teachers, use this video, starring Bango, as an introduction to get students interested in the lessons before the volunteer arrives.   Educator Materials     Need help? Please contact [...]

Bango Classroom Video2020-11-06T12:14:29-06:00

SecureFutures Volunteer Decision Tool

SecureFutures Volunteer Decision Tool Our volunteers are the backbone of the organization. If you're not sure how you would like to volunteer, use this decision tool to help you navigate the programs.   Volunteer Reference [...]

SecureFutures Volunteer Decision Tool2021-07-07T15:20:24-05:00

Training Handouts: Cultural Humility

This document provides information and activities to explore your own culture and biases as a pathway to having cultural humility.   Volunteer Support    

Training Handouts: Cultural Humility2021-07-07T14:19:16-05:00

Developing Cultural Competency Web Resources

Developing Cultural Competency Web Resources The document below contains a list of websites to familiarize yourself with different aspects of cultural competency.   Volunteer Support    

Developing Cultural Competency Web Resources2021-07-07T15:19:14-05:00
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