Donor Spotlight: Mike Hodan


After over 25 years of helping clients reach their financial goals, Mike Hodan understands the importance of financial education and healthy money habits. His work as Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors is part of what inspired his interest in supporting the SecureFutures mission as a donor.

“As a financial advisor, I see how important it is for people to plan for their futures,” Mike said. “Planning will help people succeed financially.  In turn, these students can help their parents, peers and friends become more financially astute.”

Though Mike was taught the importance of budgeting and planning at a young age, he knows that many young people don’t have this advantage. “Our education system is not helping prepare students to deal with the financial part of their lives.  We are starting to reverse that trend,” Mike said.

Mike and his wife Kathy have three daughters, and he hopes to inspire them to pursue opportunities for service just as his parents did for him. “My parents taught me how important it is to give back to your community,” he said. “In a small way, this allows me the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way one teenager at a time.”

Mike hopes others will join the SecureFutures movement for financial capability just like he did.

“I would tell any prospective donor or volunteer that this is a great cause,” Mike said. “Your help will allow us to teach teenagers an important life skill that many do not have now.  Many teenagers are not taught these skills by their parents or their schools.  This is a way to help them down the right path for financial success.”