2022 Money Coach Scholarship Competition

Our Money Coach scholarship competition is back for the second year! We will be awarding multiple college or career scholarships of up to $1000 each to current or past Money Coach participants, selected from among those who share a compelling written or video submission about their experience in the Money Coach program. See below for participation guidelines, and use this form to enter your submission by the deadline of May 9th. If you have questions, contact Kristen Ruhl at (414) 310-5916 or kristen@securefutures.org.

Participation guidelines

Who can participate?

To participate, you must be an active or past participant of the Money Coach program who:

  • is graduating from high school in 2022 OR
  • completed the Money Coach Program between 2013-2021 and is out of high school

Previous winners will be allowed to submit again, but priority will be given to those who did not win in the past.

How do I enter?

Submissions are due by May 9th. You can participate using this submission form in either of the following ways:

  • a written essay, using the length guidelines provided on the submission form OR
  • a video submission, in either .mov or .mp4 format, at least 3 minutes long but no longer than 5 minutes

Your written or video submission should respond to the following question prompts:

  • Please answer BOTH of these questions:
    • How did your financial behaviors or habits change as a result of Money Coach? How did you manage money before and how did that change?
    • How did your relationship with money or the way you feel about money change as a result of Money Coach? What did you feel before and how did that change?
  • Please choose ONE of these two questions:
    • How did the mentorship you received from your coach help you put what you learned into practice?
    • Describe how a skill that you learned in Money Coach has helped you in the last year.
  • OPTIONAL: Is there anything else that you would like to share about how the Money Coach program has impacted your life?

How will the entries be judged?

Winners will be selected based on how well their submissions achieve the following:

  • demonstrate change or impact
  • connect to the Money Coach program
  • tell a compelling story

What are the prizes?

Multiple winners will be awarded prizes of up to $1000 each, to be used at their discretion.

Submission Form